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nyc nightlife 5 years ago may 2005

nyc nightlife 5 years ago may 2005

may 5, 2005 new order played hammerstein ballroom. I dont think theyve played a good show since the 'Brotherhood" tour nor a good record since 'Technique' - 21 years ago :(
my favourite new order show was their 1st nyc show ever at hurrah on the upper west side [lincoln center area] in the spring of 1981. they were still a 3 piece, gillian hadnt joined yet, and some of the songs incl. ceremony, in a lonely place, procession, everythings gone green, dreams never end, and little dead [temptation]. and they still looked like joy division with skinny ties, white shirt rolled at elboy, grey flannel trousers. also saw good NO shows in 80s at felt forum, roxy, and paradise garage !!!
* also fischer spooner was at canal room. timo maas was at cielo. distortion disko was at duvet. duvet turned into a rap club & it's closed. fishy spoony - lets note how quickly the BK electro scene went from European magazines to the newspaper recycling bin.

may 6, 2005 sasha was at crobar with josh wink opening.

may 7, 2005 Mis-Shapes was every Saturday at luke & leroy on varick st., with djs the syrup girls, leigh & greg. jj & chris were up from DC. top tunes on the night incl. this charming man, suede beautiful ones, jnr snr move your feet, hole celebrity skin & kelly's since you been gone. **3/4 of 5 stars. how to assess mis-shapes in spring '05? Tiswas music with a crazier & younger crowd & Townsend Scott's picture wall.

may 11, 2005 baby hector romero was at table 50 [now mr. black]. Mr Black changed addresses a few times. Choo Choon Romero is bettter than baby hec & David Morales is... well as legendary as any house DJ & Im seeing him on Saturday !!!!!!!

may 12, 2005 the rapture dj-ed at rothko. like fishy spoony another magazine band ... 5 years later they didnt make any money & 5 years hence they will be forgotten.

may 14, 2005 Mis-Shapes' Saturdays at 7th ave South luke & leroy with djs damien & chris from the explosion, jarod abbott, sheal, leigh, & geordon. top tunes: moz' international playboys, smiths' ask, cure friday im in love, ramones blitzkreig bop, ca plane pour moi [american version?], wire 3 girl rhumba & esther's ray of light. guests incl. macky duggan 9sweet boy from Heatherette], austin scarlett, fancy from fannypack, & sophia lamarr. fun night ***3/4 of 5 stars. Remember sitting by the window upstairs & THAT PANORAMIC VIEW OF VARICK & nyc AT NIGHT?
* and andy rourke from the smiths dj-ed at tiswas but no one in their right mind would want to hear that, ya know?! I read this week that Morrissey is worth $32 Million ! and what does andy have in the bacnk? $30,000?

may 15, 2005 rockethouse played the frying pan on the west side highway. one of the few bands I loved dearly from the NYC rock revolution 2000-5.

may 16, 2005 the bravery played irving plaza. suffice to say Duran Duran will be remembered in 50 years. the ersatz Bravery?? NOPE.

may 20, 2005 sander kleinenberg was at crobar. hot hot heat was at webster hall. the ordinary boys were at mercury lounge.

may 21, 2005 Mis-Shapes saturday mania luke & leroy's with djs tommie sunshine & kill hannah. guests inl. richie rich, donna baxter, man from MOLLOY, shiela & larissa from boonton, tarts of pleasure & astro earle. top tunes incl. bravery fearless, & bloc party. and tommie really banged out the hard house & electro ***1/2 of 5 stars.
also Kai from As Four got into about 8 fights and was repeatedly evicted from the club. In some way his gonzo behaviour was an epitaph for the whole scene as it existed to that point: it's all memories now.

may 25, 2005 benzos, syrup girls & spencer product were at hiro ballroom. since annex closed, spencer doesnt seem out & about as much .. I truly miss him - one of the best gents this century. I really miss Ruff but 'All Things Must Pass.'

may 26, 2005 distortion disko at duvet, celebrating 1st issue of gazelleland magazine, photos by conrad ventur. with larry tee spinning some great electro and guests michael T, richie rich, sophia lamarr & kenny kenny. a wild good time! ***3/4 of 5 stars. Jesus this sounds like 1905 not 2005.

may 29, 2005 MFer had its 5th anniversary at the roxy. MFer got a lot of press. never my kind of crowd: so scuzzy. and of course bickering between the promoters ended in tears [and punches].
Never saw the MFer film - I didnt like the party to begin with.

* my favourite cds in may 2005 incl maximo park a certain trigger [God how many superficial bands have had 1 or 2 songs in the 21st century- I feel like throwing up]. rockethouse weapons of mass deception- it was on kanine - if kat & lio can give us surfer blood & grizzley bear, how about paying for a RH LP??]. ivy in the clear [genius ny/french cafe Pop - 5 years later- how about a new LP?
dj sneak live at OM (when is sneak coming to fluid?]. the bravery's debut LP [well theyre better than the Killers, but both bands suck], danny howell's ' GU027:miami' [this is the most amazing 2 CD mix - Ive listened to it 500 times SWEAR!!! and the new Oasis Lp track 'mucky fingers.' and the last good song Oasis ever put out with Noel Gallagher in the band. what a bunch of wallies.
david morales on wktu
todd terry living the simple life
gwen guthrie it shlda been u - God do I love this song.
the doors riders on the storm rmx
earth wind fire lets groove
armand van helden you dont even know me- best version is mash-up with 'love sensation' - see Carl Cox 12/31/99. I need a nap.

So how did your may 2010 compare to just FIVE years ago? we both know the answer.
things are just not right in club-land, nor the world at large. N E W R E A L I T Y !!!!!!!

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my portrait of malcolm mclaren


my portrait of malcolm mclaren 6/6/95 houston st "Party Girl" premiere

april 1995

15 Years Ago in NYC NightLife: April 1995

april 1, 1995 I attended the Tunnel 'abducted' afterhours party with leo dicaprio & milla jovovich in attendance. leo was very out of it in the VIP. abducted STARTED at 4 am every friday latenight/afterhours and favourite rooms in the gigantic Tunnel club included the main floor with ravey techno; the upstairs VIP lounge adjacent to the co-ed open bathrooms, and the silver room just off the main dancefloor with a big silver bed!

april 6, 1995 I attended diana balton's amazing opening at tony shafrazi gallery in soho. I also went over to tramps to see letters to cleo, the 90s' 1 hit wonders with 'here & now.'!

april 7, 1995 fashion week finished [its now the 1st week of february!] with a huge party at the tunnel. guests included prince [!!!], helena christensen, yasmeen lebon, and bridget hall. and yes it was a GREAT party!!

april 8, 1995 Belly & supertchunk played roseland. I also went to the bar 'no tell motel' at 167 ave a, and also to greendoor at coney island high where top tracks included stones' 'happy' david bowie & generation x!!

april 10, 1995 i attended the whitney museum's biennial show; the artists that particularly stood out to me were andrea zittel, richard serra, cy twombley & matthew barney.

april 13, 1995 I saw juliana hatfield play a special NYU concert. I then went to beavher at don hill's where guests included chloe sevigny & bonnie from sugah. why is there so much more pressure to have a good time in NYC ni9ghtlife in 2010? to the extent that it's not fun at all ??

april 25, 1995 Sleeper played brownies on ave a. & dinosaur jr was at irving plaza.

april 27, 1995 I saw sonic youth at nyu, still the best SY show I ever saw with an earlier academy show also being really great.

april 28, 1995 siouxsie & the banshes played roseland with spiritualized opening!! best siouxsie show I ever saw was 1981 touring JuJu at university of maryland college park.

other nightpots in april 1995 incl Match on 60th st. n 6th ave; ozone at demerara west 28th. the roxy on west 18th. 5 spot. culture. soul kitchen. merc bar. system on east 13th, buddha at 150 varick, konkrete jungle. mars on 10th & 13th. Boom in soho.

favourite art shows in april 1995 incl mariko mori at AFA 22 wooster st; stan douglas at david zwirner 43 greene st; sean landers at andrea rosen 130 prince; nadar at MMA. starn twins at pace 57th st; rouge.

oasis released their great 45 'some might say' on april 24 1995.

favourite tv shows in april 1995 incl melrose place on monday nights; & conan obrien on NBC.

My art gallery clients in april 1995 incl (gallery) george henoch & mimi ferzt both in soho. and vivian horan on 67th.

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this is MARCH 2005:

this is MARCH 2005:
this is MARCH 2005: nyc nightlife 5 years ago:

march 5, 2005 secret machines headlined irving plaza with moving units & autolux opening up. as always the machines are pure dynamite in a live context.

march 11, 2005 patrick demarchelier opened his fashion photo exhibit at tony shafrazi gallery with guests anna wintour, her daughter bee shaeffer, stephanie seymour, john casablancas, katie ford and andre balazs. patrick charges $10 to remove un-flattering pics?? not cricket

march 12, 2005 danny tenaglia celebrated his birthday with his debut dj set a nyc's crobar. it was to date the best crobar set Ive heard from the amazing DT & it was among my top sets of 2005, at least ****1/2 stars out of 5 stars. Crobar became M2 and I dont know anyone who thinks its cool. DT is at Pacha in April & he remains solidly among the 10 best DJs ever, in fact at his best he's top 3-5. and after all this time !!

march 17, 2005 st patrick's day at crobar with the great carl cox. it was a strong set fom coxy but not the best he can bring: [his recent crobar 2006 set was ***** of 5 in my estimation, best set Ive heard in 2006 so far.] . Carl's been releasing some mega CDs out of Ibiza since 2009; and when I last heard him at Pacha he was in the 4-5* range, but the crowd made it impossible to hang comfortably for more than 2-3 hours.
* started out the night at Bar 13 with michael from laguna meth at alex english's Broadcast party.

march 18, 2005 holland's sander kleinenberg headlined crobar. sander played santos last week. good match.

march 19, 2005 deep dish was at crobar.

march 24, 2005 the bravery was at rothko on the LES. their debut Lp turned into one of 2005's surprise hits, with several popular club tracks.

march 25, 2005 kaisar chiefs were at bowery ballroom. dj ayres' the rub was at southpaw.

march 26, 2005 roger sanchez headlined crobar with a strong set that i rated **** of 5 stars. the S-Man returns to crobar in may & you do not want to miss one of the world's very best djs. We dont get s-man as much as 5, 10 years ago, but he's consistently in the worldwide Top 10- rees-pecc !!
* started out the night at luke & leroy with guest djs the sounds & aaron hicklin. top tunes on the night were maximo park's 'apply some pressure' and interpol's 'slow hands.' I also met the very sexy shiela and larissa from boonton, NJ, 2 of the tri-state area's most massive hotties.
omg mis-shapes- 5 years ago, a blink of an eye.
** also lio from kanine joined nick marc dj-ing at tiswas. christian smith played sullivan room. and orange park played arlene's grocery.
kanine is rocking with grizzly bear & surfer blood: hi kat !

* other popular venues in march 2005 incl. the darkroom, gypsy tea, passerby, ruby falls, cain, n/a, pink elephant, & marquee. note how many of those have already moved, changed their names or gone out of business....that tells you a lot about the transience of nyc nightlife.

* my favourite Lps in march 2005 were secret machines 'now here is nowhere,' morrissey's 'live at the royal albert hall,' IVY's 'in the clear,' & danny howells' 'GU27:miami." Ive listened to that Howells GU27 about 400 times, literally !!!!!!!

* some of the top fashion models in march 2005 incl. doutzen kroes, emina cunmulaj, lily donaldson, natasha poly, euguenia volodina, inguna butane & last but definitely not least, louise pedersen from denmark.

* my favourite film in march 2005 was morrissey's 'who put the 'M' in manchester?' which I saw a theatre screening of at the loew's on west 42nd st, march 28, 2005, thank you to mark nelson, & alex english was once again in the house!! just bought the DVD: moz on film yayy !!

** listening to: paul oakenfold live at creamfields, buenos aires argentina, 12/05, queen 'we will rock you' bootleg white label hard house dance remix

*** miles davis carnegie hall 1965 pts I & 2.

*** AND FIFTEEN years before, march 3, 1990 I saw the jesus & mary chain at the ritz [old studio 54] on west 54th st on the AUTOMATIC tour. ***

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nyc nightlife march 2000 - 10 years ago this month

nyc nightlife march 2000 - 10 years ago this month

march 2 2000 beavher at don hill's incl guest matt dillon & top tunes you should be dancin, the israelites & it takes 2. ***1/2 of 5 stars
* the same night derrick carter began his monthly subliminal sessions residency at centrofly. Ive caught derrick several times in 2008-2010-he's my greatest dj inspiration ever.

march 4 2000 tiswas was at don hills every saturday night, this night feat. general kingpin from england playing ; and sarah cracknell 'lipslide'; giveaways.

march 9, 2000 beavher at don hill's included guests carmen kass, frankie rayder, rachel peters, shoshanna lonstein, tessa benson, christina greeven, eleanor lembo ylvisaker, anne dexter-jones, mick jones, and serena altschul. sam ronson's lil' red performed, superfuzz opened. remember when sam had singer-song-writer ambitions? I guess damon dash can dash anyone's hopes. it was 1 of my top social events of 2000.
* the same night bob sinclar was at subliminal at centrofly. in the last 5 years, sinclar has had 2 of the biggest club hits worldwide, with 'love generation' & 'world hold on.' I think david guetta took it even further.

march 10 2000 jeff mills & dave hollands were at twilo

march 15 2000 the toilet boys headlined lust for life at life on bleecker.

march 16, 2000 beavher with guests karen ferrari, vitty, jen stillwell, & sam buffa. top tunes: 'take a chance on me' 'monkey man' burning up, start me up, & 'jive talkin'

march 17 2000 dimitri from amsterdam was at twilo. the same night dj x dream & charles feelgood were at the roxy.

march 18, 2000 tiswas was headlined by Interpol & Fictura. here's fictura's set: over the moon. how she got that way. telephone high. money man. beggars & saints. love walks away. fiction affair. never tonite. nightlife. / encore: without words.
nick marc's best song was 'rubber ring.' **** of 5 stars. its pretty amazing to think that 10 years ago we got interpol, fictura And a great tiswas night at don hills !!! early Interpol def rules.

march 23, 2000 beavher with guests vincent gallo, diana balton & karen ferrari in attendance. top tunes from frank's jukebox: rock with you, i wonder if i take you home, 'the hustle' ***3/4 of 5 stars

march 24, 2000 I saw paul oakenfold at the roxy, dave ralph & mark lewis opening up. with all this talk of a 'new rave' movement in 2007,. I have to confess that the ravey good vibes & outer space atmosphere of the best 90s & 2000-ish rave events is going to be hard to match nowadays. oakenfold at the roxy thanksgiving 1999 remains the single greatest set ive ever heard from him [and Ive heard many] but this march 2000 roxy perfecto rave was also extraordinary, his set was akin to his famous CDs 'cream residence,' 'travelling' and even 'GU 02 NY" but harder, more clubby & simply more intense. it was 1 of my best club nights of 2000 and still ranks as one of the best dj sets Ive heard this century ****3/4 of 5 stars . positive vibes in the house.
* the same night 'the stafford lads' [the salford lads, smiths tribute act] played don hills. and paul van dyk was at twilo!!

march 28 2000 the butterflies of love were at brownies on ave A.

march 31 2000 sasha & john digweed were at twilo. and john acquaviva was at exit on west 56th st. Its notable that 10 years later, many of the key venues of 2000 are closed. twilo, brownies, life. and roxy is rarely open.

april 1, 2000 anne summers from DC was at tiswas with nimbus opening up. anne summers was a very under-rated alternative pop band that deserved much more success than they achieved. another great find at tiswas from nick marc, Im pleased to own 2 of their CDs, check them out.

my business meetings in march 2000 incl PAPER Magazine. we all start somewhere [?]

my horoscope lucky colours for march 2000 incl silver, purple, white, yellow & green.

** and 20 years before march 7, 1980 I saw the clash at the palladium nyc: tee shirt from that night in my photos
Clash City Rockers
Brand New Cadillac
Safe European Home
Jimmy Jazz
London Calling
The Guns Of Brixton
Train In Vain
White Man In Ham Palais
Koka Kola
I Fought the Law
Spanish Bombs
Rudie Can't Fail
Hit the Road Jack
Police and Thieves
Wrong 'Em Boyo
Stay Free
Complete Control
Janie Jones
Armagideon Time
English Civil War
Tommy Gun
White Riot
** 16 Tons Tour

Supported by Mikey Dread, Lee Dorsey & The B-Girls

** and march 8, 1980 at the capitol theatre in passaic nj:
Clash City Rockers
Brand New Cadilac
Safe European Home
Jimmy Jazz
London Calling
Guns of Brixton
Train InVain
White Man
Koka Kola
I fought the Law
Spanish Bombs
Police And Theives
Stay Free
Julies Been Working..
Wrong em Boyo
Janie Jones
Complete Control
Armagideon time
English Civil War
Tommy Gun

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nyc nightlife in march 1995 15 years ago this month

nyc nightlife in march 1995 15 years ago this month

Oasis at the Academy, Chloe Sevigny Liquid Sky: 3/95 !!!
nyc nightlife in march 1995 15 years ago this month

march 2, 1995 bridget hall had an in-store appeanance for ralph lauren at bloomingdale's from 730 -830 pm.
* afterwards down to bowery bar on east 4th street guests incl. elle macpherson. then don hills beavher with nigel mogg & paula.
* the same night FOX had an hilarious woody allen biopic with patsy kensit as mia farrow !!

march 3, 1995: Fuzzy played the mercury lounge, one of the most under-rated US alternative bands of the 90s. the same night abducted at the tunnel, bliss & limelight, all 3 clubs defunct by the end of the decade.

march 4, 1995 bob mould & mark eitzel played the academy. around this time 94-95 I also saw a marvelous american music club show at knitting factory, with helium opening up. AMC is another fantastic US 90s band, hopefully they will play more gigs this century.

march 8, 1995 Oasis headlined the Academy, touring 'definitely maybe,' the audience included jason nesmith, howard alan thompson from elektra, donovan leitch, nigel mogg, parker posey, & mark gardener from ride. I also attended the after-party at rebar on 17th street hosted by john dorrian and attended by john macenroe. hi-lites of oasis' set: rock & roll star. shakermaker. its good to be free. married with children. up in the sky. cigarettes & alcohol. live forever. columbia, slide away. supersonic & i am the walrus.

march 9 1995 i saw IVY play an instore at tower records on west 4th st. setlist: no guarantee. 15 seconds. wish it all away. december. new song. get enough. dont believe a word. the candy butcher mike viola was in the band at this time.
* also visited liquid sky on lafayette that afternoon & chatted with sales girl chloe sevigny, & DB from smile communications in the jungle room.

march 10, 1995 I atttended squeezebox at don hill's with the goops performing, and openers Thrust. : Thrust lit torches during the set and don demanded that they extinguish them. no great white pyro here!!

march 11 1995 the whitney museum projected andy warhol's 'empire' an 8 hour silent film of the empire state building.

march 16, 1995 I went first to cafe tabac, and then beavher at don hill's, featuring favourite songs 'kung fu fughting' and the monkees theme.
* the same night OZONE at club demerara with djs dave hollands , james christian, mr kleen, dave trance, & odi.

march 17 1995 juan atkins headlined culture at club bliss. I cant recall where bliss was now ! chelsea? oh, memory !

march 18 I saw the late kirsty maccoll at tramps with fossil opening up. fave songs included 'you just havent earned it yet baby' and 'new england' attendees incl tina weymouth & chris frantz from talking heads/tom tom club.

march 21 I went to mercury lounge for edwyn collins' first american show ever! orange juice sadly never played here. top tunes included 'a place in my heart' 'what presence.', my dying day, & out for the count. hung with evan dando afterwards and he sang a version of leonard cohen's 'famous blue raincoat' in my ear!! after party at max fish. it was one of my top gigs of 1995.

march 22 I went to disco 2000 at limelight & the super cool UK band Senser performed, kind of a Public Enemy hiphop style with additional TV/radio sample clips.

march 23 1995 OZONE at demerara with djs soul slinger, terra, mr kleen, sprout, beau & john selway.
* also shopped earlier in the day at supreme on lafayette, skateboard clothing, in 1995, why not?

march 24, 1995 I saw veruca salt at the academy, a very rocking and crowded show on the heels of their current hit 'seether.' 90s alternative rock, oh the fun we had!!
* and the amazing techno pioneer kenin saunderson from detroit played 'culture' no idea where that event/club was.

march 27, 1995 david letterman hosted the oscars, his infamous bomb performance, he's never been asked back, with 'oprah, uma' etc etc.

march 28, 1995 i ran into naomi campbell at anna sui in soho, one of several times ive met her. she was a lot nicer in the 90s!

march 30 1995 fashion week began

march 31 1995 d generation was at cbgbs & more parties at culture, the tunnel & the g spot.
* and suede was on ABC's 'in concert' with live videos from 'introducing the band.'

favourite bands in march 1995 incl elastica, gene with 'haunted by you,' the stone roses who released the 'love spreads' 12", Ivy's realistic, veruca salt, oasis & suede.

favourite art shows in march 1995 incl richard tuttle at mary boone, 417 w bway; gregory crewdson at luhring augustine, 130 prince; lartigue's photos at danziger, 130 prince; spencer finch & christian schumann at postmasters 80 greene st. . stan douglas at david zwirner, 43 greene st. & mariko mori at AFA 22 wooster.

my business meetings in march 1995 incl arthur danziger at 96 spring st; dawn brown at isaac mizrahi; & sterling/macfadden publishing/wrestling world.

the top film of march 1995 was pulp fiction.

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nyc nightlife in feb 2000 10 years ago this month

nyc nightlife in feb 2000 10 years ago this month
nyc nightlife in feb 2000 10 years ago this month

feb 2 2000 the toilet boys headlined don hills

feb 4 2000 carl cox headlined an ultimate base night at twilo

feb 10, 2000 beavher at don hill's with guests sean lennon, donno leitch, jenn stillwell, vitti, & top tunes d'ya think Im sexy, it takes 2, just like heaven, rock with you, & rock your baby. ***1/2 of 5 stars

feb 12 2000 tiswas at don hills with bands the interpreters & the humans

feb 17 2000 beavher at don hills with guest ali wise, and top tunes vacation, bigmouth, boys dont cry, dont stop til you get enough, & love will tear us apart. ***3/4 of 5 stars.

feb 18 2000 dj sneak & doc martin were at the roxy. sven vath was at twilo. and the realistics, ultrafine & the gentlemen were at brownies.

feb 24 2000 beavher at don hills with top tunes jive talkin, I feel good, & the israelites. **** of 5 stars

feb 25 2000 morrissey played roseland . setlist: A Swallow On My Neck / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Billy Budd / Hairdresser On Fire / November Spawned A Monster / Half A Person / Lost / Now My Heart Is Full / I Am Hated For Loving / Meat Is Murder / Boxers / The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils / I Can Have Both / Is It Really So Strange? / Break Up The Family / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me // Shoplifters Of The World Unite. ****3/4 of 5 stars .

feb 29, 2000 I took the amtrak to wash dc where I saw morrissey with jj & chris at the 9:30 club. hi-lites in the set included 'a swallow on my neck' 'billy budd' 'half a person' 'alma matters' 'i am hated for loving' 'boxers' 'i can have both.'
setlist: You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Swallow On My Neck / Billy Budd / Hairdresser On Fire / November Spawned A Monster / Half A Person / Now My Heart Is Full / Alma Matters / I Am Hated For Loving / Meat Is Murder / The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils / Boxers / Is It Really So Strange? / I Can Have Both / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me // Shoplifters Of The World Unite. ****1/4 of 5 stars
* also went to the metro club in DC for some noisy industrial metal. and then to 11th hour house club with top tune psb 'you only tell me you love me when youre drunk.' another DC club that night was having 'cher night' [she was huge at that time with the 'believe' LP] and the 11th hour DJ was so pissed that Cher had stolen his whole crowd across town!
* the same night sasha was at twilo

feb 29 2000 morrissey played the beacon theatre with one of the greatest concerts ive ever seen in 36 years of going to concerts. hi-lites included 'lost' 'the more you ignore me' 'tomorrow' and his one & only ever only performance ever of david bowie's 'drive in saturday.'
a fan said to moz 'steven go to your room & clean it.' morrissey spun around & put the mike in my face & asked 'what does he mean? what does that mean' and I said 'used to be a sweet boy,' which can be clearly heard on the bootleg of this incredible gig [thanks, ezra!], I was there at the beacon theatre in 1985 for two smiths shows on meat is murder. the 1st smiths night ranks with the top 5-10 concerts ive ever seen. I would say that this leap year 2000 moz show at the beacon was more or less the equal of that smiths' night in 1985- 2 of the very best concerts Ive ever seen in 36 years of shows.
Beacon setlist: You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side / Alma Matters / Swallow On My Neck / Is It Really So Strange? / Hairdresser On Fire / Lost / I Am Hated For Loving / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Now My Heart Is Full / November Spawned A Monster / Boxers / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / I Can Have Both / Half A Person / Tomorrow / Meat Is Murder // Drive In Saturday. ***** of 5 stars feb 10, 2000 beavher featured 'd'ya think Im sexy?' with sean lennon in attendance.

feb 25 2000 morrissey played roseland

feb 25, 2000 I took the amtrak to wash dc where I saw morrissey with jj & chris. hi-lites in the set included 'a swallow on my neck' 'billy budd' 'half a person' 'alma matters' 'i am hated for loving' 'boxers' 'i can have both'

feb 29 2000 morrissey played the beacon theatre with one of the greatest concerts ive ever seen in 34 years of gigs. hi-lites included 'lost' 'the more you ignore me' 'tomorrow' and his only performance ever of david bowies 'drive in saturday.'
a fan said to moz 'steven go to your room & clean it.' morrissey spun around & put the mike in my face & asked 'what does he mean? what does that mean' and I said 'used to be a sweet boy,' which can be clearly heard on the bootleg of this incredible gig [thanks, ezra!], every bit as good as the smiths' meat is murder 1985 beacon show, and the single best morrissey solo concert ive ever seen.

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the police bootleg 'message in a bottle' hard trance mix from paul oakenfold's set at the arches in glasgow 10/05

* my horoscope lucky colours for feb 2000 incl. gold, silver, white, & brown.

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World of Morrissey

fire island 'shout to the top' cd45
mariah carey 'fantasy/genius of love'
marvelettes 'beechwood 45789'
marvekllettes 'the hunter is captured by the game'
david bowie: aladdin sane. drive in saturday. panic in detroit. cracked actor'
the originals 'baby im for real. the bells. just to keep you satisfied.'
nat king cole 'route 66'
naughty by nature 'hip hop hooray'
the spinners 'how could i let you get away'
the cars 'dangerous type. heartbeat city. lets go.'
morrissey 'london live. billy budd live. the boy racer. spring heeled jim live. why dont you find out live.'
the smiths 'hand in glove live. some girls are bigger live.'